Bachelorette Brunch


By: Amanda Thomas

         One of the many essentials of a girl’s weekend away is making sure that at some point you attend a fabulous brunch, preferably with mimosas. On a recent visit to Atlanta, GA to celebrate a soon-to-be bride I found myself at Café Highlands. In an attempt to find a brunch spot that was ‘picture worthy’ of our standards, had a variety of food to please nine girls, and mimosas…this place was right on our radar. Reservations made for noon to ensure that we would all be well rested before we ventured out for our meal, and we arrived right on schedule. Three tables pulled together on the front patio and we were seated.

The sound of the whistling cars driving past the restaurant created a welcomed IMG_7575breeze for the nine of us as we bore the decision to sit outside in the hundred-degree heat. Once seated and already reviewing the brunch menu, our waitress greeted us and asked if we wanted to hear about their mimosa deals; she said we looked like the mimosa type. Three dollar champagne glasses, six dollar wine glasses, and eighteen-dollar carafe…mimosa options in all sizes. The bride, another friend, and myself opted for the carafe and everyone else placed their separate orders.

Looking at the menu I was so overwhelmed by all of the options that my hunger didn’t know what was going to make it the most satisfied. Part of me was tempted by chocolate French toast which came complete with peanut butter cream cheese and the other part of me was wanting something more savory like the spinach, goat cheese, and mushroom omelet. After much internal debate, I decided to be savory rather than sweet. But if I get the omelet, should I get grits or home fries as my side? I love them both, but then again they also have fried green tomatoes. I don’t have this much trouble dropping serious money on a pair shoes, but trying to decide my breakfast for lunch meal and I all but come apart.

Alas, I make the conscious decision to continue to explore the menu. There has to be a way that I can get the fried green tomatoes as well as another side without looking too much like an Augustus Gloop. But wait…what is this? The southern biscuit burger…an FullSizeRender-7angus beef patty, pimento cheese, a fried green tomato all on a jumbo biscuit, and it comes with home fries! I have found the silver lining in my brunch dilemma, and now my visit will be a well-rounded experience.

The arrival of our mimosas followed by placing our food orders, and we had time to enjoy each other and our surroundings. In the middle of a city full of traffic, we are able to slow down and soak up this moment with our dear friend who is about to enter a new phase in her life. We laugh at old stories, take way too many pictures, and talk wedding details. It’s a perfect time to appreciate friends and how far we’ve come to land us at a bachelorette party. And then the food arrives…

My plate looks sinfully delicious from the gooey pimento cheese to the crisp-IMG_7604seasoned home fries. The burger laid face open, the top half of the biscuit topped with the fried green tomato and the bottom half with the meat and cheese. Thick, triangular pyramids of home fries cover every inch of the plate that is spared from the space of the biscuit burger. Accompanied to the home fries, a small cup of thick and chunky homemade ketchup begging to be included in your eating tactics. Once the biscuit reunited top with bottom, the pimento cheese oozed onto the fried green tomato and angus beef until they were all one unit tied together.

Creamy, crunchy, juicy, savory…just a few words flushing through my mind as I chew that first bit of my burger biscuit. A truly filling and delectable meal to satisfy my mid-morning hanger. The carafe now bone dry, and I am once again a member of the happy plate club. Our brunch plans were successful, and nine girls left feeling full of food and friendship.



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