Sips on the Rooftop

All wine lovers can certainly relate to the search for that Zen rooftop bar where you can enjoy your pour with a view. Well in Greenville, SC there is just the place for you located right on Main Street above the bustle of people below. At Sip, you can enjoy your glass and tapas inside at a high top, or outside on their beautiful rooftop area…I choose the rooftop every time.

IMG_7498  Walking out to the outdoor area you are surrounded by over a dozen cozy seating options. Slick, wicker-style patio furniture covers the area and all arranged into different seating options. One spot might have a couch, two chairs, and a table, and another might be four chairs all angled towards each other. Umbrellas over the areas not covered by the upper awning, and string lights draped across multiple ends of the patio to create the perfect rooftop glow.

On this particular visit, I had just finished eating dinner with two friends and we were in search of one more drink before we called it a night. We all agreed that Sip seemed like the perfect place for a June night where we could relax and sip on something cold. We rode the building’s elevator up to the top floor and once we stepped into the corridor of the bar we were immediately greeted by a host with menus who escorted us to the patio. Open seating allowed us to pick a spacious spot near the corner of the patio, with the perfect view of downtown below us.

Our waiter was next to greet us with water glasses already in hand to help us cool offIMG_7494 while we make our selection. For this night, I opted for the rosé sangria while my friends were a little more traditional with their wine selections. Once our glasses were in our hands we were all able to take that first cooling sip to help quench our thirst. My beverage was light and crisp, a perfect sangria with rich rosé flavors.

In the bustle of the ordinary restaurants and bars, it’s a rare find to find somewhere to truly relax where you can actually hear the conversations with your company. Greenville has numerous places that I love to go to on any given night, however if you’re looking for a new venue to enjoy your Pinot Noir, Sip is just the place you should try.



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