Angel-Made Fried Chicken

By: Amanda Thomas 

         As a southern woman, I can assure you that there is one food that is a cure for any of your problems; fried chicken. Now I’ve had my fair share of fried chicken, but easily my favorite place to get fried chicken is at Pannie George’s in Auburn, Alabama. Located in a shopping center right off South College Street, Pannie George’s kitchen is a hidden gem amongst all of the usual college town spots.

         Pannie George Menu Operating Sunday through Friday starting at 11am for lunch and going through the dinner hours on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Everyday that Pannie George’s is open their menu varies based off of their specials. Of course you will always find the classic fried chicken, but some days they might have chicken potpie or pork chops and the sides vary from macaroni and cheese and collard greens to yams and green beans. No matter what the daily menu includes, when constructing your meal you can select meat and one, two, or three sides and then your choice of a roll or cornbread. And then if you’re feeling really hungry, you can add one of their homemade desserts to your tray for a little something sweet.

            For me, I ALWAYS get the fried chicken. I know I should be more adventurous and try a different meat when I’m there, but I can’t help it! Their fried chicken is the perfect combination of crispy, well seasoned, juicy and tender, and just all around amazing. From the selection of the pieces of chicken, to the mixture of the batter, to the exact frying process…these women have this down to a science and do it as easily as most people starting their car.

 As far as the sides go, I’ve just about tried it all. I’ve tried the yams, macaroni and cheese, rice and gravy, collard greens, broccoli and cheese casserole…the list could go on. Everything is always perfect and clearly made with love; you just can’t go wrong with anything you pick. That being said, I will need to give a few pieces of advice before you go to Pannie Georges for the first time to make sure you have the full experience:


1.   If you get the fried chicken (which you should)-put THEIR hot sauce on it, seriously trust me. Oh. My. Gosh. It will change your life.

2.   Do NOT just get one side. You better get at least two, otherwise why are you there?

3.   Get the cornbread. I love rolls as much as the next person, but fried chicken needs cornbread and their cornbread is mm mm mm good.

4.   Yes, this is the land of the magical Kool-Aid…I personally don’t usually get it, but I enjoy a sip or two of whomever I’m with. If you DO get the Kool-Aid, brace yourself my friend for a whole lot of sugar…but in a ‘this reminds me of my childhood and I wanna go run in the sprinklers’ kind of way.

Now, on my previous visit to Pannie George’s I went there with the Pannie George mealintent to gather an exact meal and pictures so that I could write about how magnificent of a restaurant it is. I took a picture of the daily menu, went through the line and ordered my food, sat down with the intent to take a picture before I began eating but…I sort of just started eating and forgot all about the picture until I was all but finished. So, while I don’t have a personal picture to showcase my golden brown fried chicken, juicy collard greens, and creamy macaroni and cheese…I do have a picture of the remains. There wasn’t much left to take a picture of, but take this as a sign that the food is going to be so mouthwatering good you’re going to forget all about sending a snap chat of it to your friends to make them jealous. You will be too busy having your elbows on the table, hot sauce dripping down your chin, both hands gripping your fried chicken before you even think about getting out your phone. But that’s okay; you can always try again next time…I know I will. (No promises though)





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