The Porter: Beer Bar

With a website layout as simple and explanatory as: Eat. Drink. Be Merry; who could deny that you are going to have an undeniably great experience at the Porter? Located in Little Five Points in Atlanta, GA the Porter Beer Bar is definitely more than meets the eye. Blended among a variety of shops and eats, you spot this quant looking building with a red door and a hanging sign that reads “The Porter”. Once you enter the building you will then see a long bar and a very narrow area of booths and then you’ll be thinking to yourself…”oh, it’s just a small little sports bar”. WRONG-O! Keep walking past the bar and you will be transported into the hip, eclectic seating area where you can kick back and enjoy your time with friends.

Now, before I dive into the details of my experience I will need to give a little backstory on the day that I first entered that alluring red door. It was mid July and I had just spent the entire day at Six Flags over Georgia. Let me break down what that means for you: Atlanta. July. Six Flags. HEAT. It had been an extremely long day for me, I had a great time at Six Flags but I was drenched in sweat and any part of me that was not drenched in sweat was probably drenched in chlorine from the waterpark. I was in no shape to go out and be seen around anyone who didn’t have an oversized water bottle attached to a lanyard around their neck. (You know exactly what souvenir cup I’m talking about too.) However, I had promised a friend who lives right by Five Points that we would meet for dinner and a quick drink before driving home…plus she told me that this place was definitely going to be blog worthy. How could I resist such a description?

Fast forward to me changed into a fresh outfit, hair up in a bun, and honestly just begging to be anywhere with air conditioning. We make our way into the building and our friend is leading us past the bar where we find a seat in a sleek table set up in the back. All around us we are surrounded by eye-catching memorabilia and merchandise and hanging on the side of the table was the menu…a beer list so thick that you would have thought someone had written a novel on paper and attached it to a miniature clipboard for someone to casually scroll through. A beer for every single pallet imaginable; dark beer, light beer, hoppy beer, stout beer…you name it they have it. And to top it all off-for each of the menu items listed they have paired it with a beer that would compliment its flavors. This is the part where I tap my fingers repeatedly and giggle with joy over and over again.

Having been baked in the sun for the past seven hours, my taste buds were itching for something cool and refreshing. Scrolling for the perfect brew in a sea of brews…I find exactly what I am looking for: Wicked Weed’s Pernicious IPA. Described as being a hoppy IPA with essence of grapefruit ,it sounded like everything I could want in an ice-cold mug and more. To accompany my drink, we opted for a smorgasbord of appetizers including oxtail steam buns, a pull a part pretzel with beer cheese, and cheese fritters.

The first to arrive was my drink, and after that first sip it was one of those glorious “ah-ha” moments when I realized this beer was brewed specifically for me. Okay, not really but it tasted that way. It was light, crisp, and citrusy… I couldn’t have been more pleased with my choice.


Then came the food all settled in front of us at one time which almost made it impossible to decide what to bite into first. However, I am a connoisseur of all things beer cheese sooooo…the pretzel it was! The pretzel itself was warm, buttery, a little salty, and filled with so much scrumptious fluff all I kept thinking was that I wish there was more to enjoy. IMG_7845.JPGAnd then there was the beer cheese, which the only thing I have to say is that as I felt that first bite slide down my throat,  I looked at my friend and closed my eyes and whispered, “I am in euphoria with this cheese.

Enough said.

My next bite was from one of the cheese fritters. Golden fried to perfection and drizzled with honey, img_7844the cheese fritters were that magical combination of sweet and savory flavors. Last for my tastebuds to indulge in was the oxtail steam buns. Now I’ve never had oxtail before, but when in Rome! Cooked in a sauce that was packed full of flavor and img_7843topped with fresh cilantro leaves and all in a slightly parted steam bun, they were definitely a pleasant surprise. Oxtail is definitely something I would order again when given the chance and not to sound to much like a cliche, but it kinda tasted like chicken!

Even after a Six Flags journey that seemed to last a day and a half, my Porter experience was complete and I couldn’t have been more pleased. The variety of beer options matched with the unique food and atmosphere was exactly what I love whenever I dine out. So the next time you are in the Five Point area in Atlanta, scrap settling for just another cheeseburger and head over to The Porter Beer Bar.


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