But is it blog worthy?

Food blogging can be tricky business. You want to make sure that what you’re writing about is not only true but paints such a delicious picture that it makes someone gets up and actually go to the place you wrote about. That brings me to the age-old question: Is it worthy to ‘write home about?’ Even more than that what makes it worthy to write home about? Is it solely the food? Is it the impeccable service that left you feeling spoiled? Is it the snazzy atmosphere that makes you feel like you’re a million miles away from home? What is it that makes you say, “ I HAVE to tell people about this!!!” Well, in my opinion, it’s all three of those reasons and then some.

The Food

            Ah, yes what your stomach craves and causes your mouth to drool ever so slightly at the sight of…food. Now don’t get me wrong, there are clear lines drawn in the realm of food. In my personal opinion I don’t think the more organic the ingredients the better the meal. Or the more breath-taking the presentation. To me, I want food that actually makes me feel.

   I know what you’re thinking food is food and it’s there for us to help us survive not bring out our feelings. However-I am a self proclaimed food lover and you’re reading a food blog so…yes food makes me feel.

   I love food that makes me wish my mom was with me because it reminds me of her food. (Hers is better…of course.)

   I love food that makes me want to make a date with my friends so they can enjoy it with me.

 I love food that makes me want to look up a similar recipe to test out on my boyfriend and see if it’s worthy of a bigger audience.

Food that I connect a person or an emotion to-THAT is worthy of writing about.


             When I go to a restaurant I don’t expect the red carpet to be rolled out for me nor do I expect my food to be out five minutes after I order it. What I do expect (and greatly appreciate) is service that makes you feel like you’re enjoying yourself. Service that tries their best to connect with their customers and goes above and beyond to do anything they can to make their visit relaxing. Those quantities are things that I truly value in service while at a restaurant. Now, I’ve never waited tables myself but I definitely appreciate someone who does and does it with a smile.


             The tone of a place-the ambiance, the character, the flavor-whichever way you spin it, the vibes that a restaurant gives off matter. Everyone wants to go to a place they enjoy going to. Lightning, seating, décor, the way the staff dresses-it all matters. People want to go to (and go back to) that brings them a sense of easiness.

             A restaurant doesn’t have a Zaggot Award to make it a great restaurant. From the moment you walk through the doors to the moment you are walking back to your car, this building and everything inside it has a chance to leave a lasting impression on you. So, the next time you are out and about getting your grub on and love the place so much that you want to shout it from the rooftop…just pick up your pen and do it!


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