Fall for Greenville

img_8269Once upon a time there was a magical land tucked away in the upstate of South Carolina. This land was called Greenville and every year the people in this land held a magnificent festival. At this festival people celebrate food by sampling different food and drinks from all different people. It’s always great fun and a vey merry time for the people of Greenville.

Now most stories that sound too good to be true usually are; this one ,however, is as true img_8289as they come. Every year in the fall Greenville, S.C. hosts its Fall for Greenville festival. This event is held in the heart of downtown Greenville along main street and showcases over forty of Greenville’s finest restaurants.

Wandering the streets of Greenville during the festival is not something for the impulsive palate. With vender stands back to back lined up on both sides of the street you have over two hundred menu items to choose from. Everything from savory filet tips from Larkins on the River to a satisfyingly sweet treat from the Chocolate Moose bakery.

Now, before you start waving your wallet around you have to have tickets in order to participate in the food tastings. At the festival they have numerous ticket stands were you can buy tickets to purchase all of the mouthwatering items available. One sheet of eight tickets costs five dollars…and yes the ticket stands accept credit/debit cards! How many shots of tickets should you purchase? Well that is totally dependent on you and how ambitious your stomach is feeling. Most food items are between three and eight tickets and  beer and wine are both six tickets a piece. For me personally, I bought four sheets the night that I went alone and that covered three menu items and two beers. (And most of the restaurants give you very generous portions!)

img_8270Got your tickets? Good! You can grab a map at the ticket stand or find one of the larger scale maps you can walk up to. These maps not only tell you where each restaurants’ stand is but it al tells you what menu items they have available for the festival AND how many tickets the item costs. Perfect for that Type A personality in the group that enjoys having a game plan before beginning. (I’m not usually Type A but when it comes to my food…I am.)

I did attend the festival two out of the three days this year so I had a wide variety of food. Here is a list of the food I tried, where it came from, and how many tickets it cost:

Fried Green Tomatoes-Sobys (5)

BBQ Pork Ribs-Mac’s Speed Shop (6)

Smoked bacon and Sriracha macaroni and cheese-Larkins on the River (6)

Filet bites with sweet pepper onion and demi glaze over garlic whipped potatoes-Larkins on the River (8)

Mini Wedding Cake Cupcake-Gigi’s Cupcakes (3)

Southern Veggie Bowl-Tupelo Honey  Cafe (8)

Jack Daniels Chocolate Chip Pecan Pie (5)

Walking up and down the downstairs in the crisp fall air is the perfect way to spend an afternoon. Whether with friends or family there is plenty to enjoy for everyone. The great thing about Fall for Greenville is that it allows so many people to experiment with their tastebuds. You might finally be able to try food from a restaurant that you haven’t been able to get a reservation for or that nobody else in your family wants to try. So, come October be on the look out because you don’t want to miss out on this delicious event.


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