Blue Ridge Dream



Every now and again, the girls need to get away. My girls and I were itching for a trip together and in our search we found ourselves in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The city of Blue Ridge, Georgia is about two hours from Atlanta and you have to do a lot of winding and driving to get there, so it is definitely the place for a true Mountain getaway. Including myself, there was five of us on the trip and between all of us we had a lot of laughs, food, and wine!

Our Cabin

            Our cabin was about fifteen minutes from downtown Blue Ridge and my oh my was it a drive! After driving up, up, up the mountain we finally reached, Blue Ridge Dream! Our cabin had the complete works; three bedrooms, three bathrooms, kitchen, pool table, hot tub, outdoor fireplace, and a HUGE wrap around porch. Not to mention that the entire cabin is broken down into three stories! Lots of different places to just hang out with your girls and plenty of tables to dine at. Since we were only there for two nights we wanted to spend most of our time in the cabin just spending time with one another. The first night we decided to stay in so that we could celebrate two of our friends’ birthdays and just get to reconnect with one another since almost all of us live in different cities now. That being said, our first night was made up of hot tubbin’ and way too much buffalo chicken dip!

Downtown Blue Ridge

            After a cozy first night in, we decided to spend part of our second night exploring downtown. This was my first trip to Blue Ridge and I was pleasantly surprised by how fun and happening their downtown was! Boutiques, sweet shops, general stores, and even a brewery! So much to do that it made us a little sad that we were only able to enjoy it for only a few hours. After a little light shopping, we ended up spending a good portion of our evening at the Blue Ridge Brewery. The brewery of course hosts its own in house brews as well as a few others from other breweries. I enjoyed a flight of four of the in-house brews (I’m mainly an IPA girl so that’s what most of mine were) and then some beer cheese and pretzel bites to go along with it. While the beer itself was the perfect mid-afternoon treat, the company at the bar was the best part. The actual “man behind the brews” was serving us and he was so colorful and welcoming that he made our entire visit that much more memorable. Plus…our birthday girls got a free drink on the house for it being their birthday!

Wanna stay where we stayed?

            Over the past few years Airbnb has taken over the Bed and Breakfast scene and I’ve got to say…I love it! I’ve used Airbnb for several of my travels and have yet to be disappointed. The premise behind Airbnb is that you are staying in someone else’s home. Now, before you think that you’re going to be crashing on some random guys couch-it’s not like that at all. Some people rent out a whole room, but most places rent out the entire house. We got our entire cabin rented for only $165 a night! All you need to do to get your temporary dream place is go to the Airbnb website and search out the area you are wanting to stay in. From there, creating your accounting and booking your place is super easy! Here is the link to our exact cabin:

Overall, our trip to Blue Ridge was exactly what the doctor ordered. Between hectic work lives and the distance between all of us, it can be hard to keep up with your friends and what they have going on. But there comes a time where you need to leave the work and men at home and take some time to dedicate to your ladies. Now the only question is, where should we go next?



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