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Everyone loves a good, fresh, homemade cake but not everyone loves to take the time to get the ingredients to make one. No need to fret, the citizens of Anderson have a new bakery that they can turn to; Birdie’s Bakeshop! Birdie’s Bakeshop is a home-based bakery owned and operated by Haley A. Bray of Anderson, S.C.

The woman behind the cakes

            Haley is a native to Anderson and is currently a middle school math teacher at Star-Iva Middle School. When discussing when her love of baking first started, Haley spoke lovingly of her Nanny and remembering childhood memories of baking Christmas cookies with her and getting to watch her bake for others. Love like that must be contagious, because Haley has taken many of her Nanny’s recipes to create several of the delicious treats that you will see on Birdie’s menu. Everything from strawberry cake made with real, fresh strawberries to southern pralines to pound cake. Recipes passed down within the family definitely add a little extra something to the sweets made at this bakery.

What is a ‘Birdie’?

            Okay, now if your brain thinks like mine the first thing you thought when reading the title of this post was… “What is a ‘Birdie’?” Well, Birdie is Haley’s baby blue Volkswagen beetle and her means of transportation when delivering orders to people around town. When she first got the car she took one look at the color and thought that it reminded her of a blue bird…so Birdie was born. With Birdie’s Bakeshop including delivery as a part of the order, Haley felt like Birdie helped her do half the work of the whole package. If you check out the bakeshop on their Facebook or Instagram page you can see the beetle as a part of the business logo.

What makes Birdie’s Bakeshop different?

            There are several different things that make Birdie’s stand apart from other bakeries in the Anderson area. First, Haley makes everything made-to-order. With larger businesses, some of the cakes tend to be frozen for a while and only taken out and thawed when ordered. Not at Birdie’s! For most orders, Birdie’s begins preparing just two days before the date of delivery so as to ensure the freshest product possible. Another stand out factor of Birdie’s is the delivery. Most bakeries require you to pick up your orders, but Birdie’s delivers right to your door! Delivery is completely free if you live within the city of Anderson and a small delivery fee if you are ordering within twenty miles of downtown Anderson.

How to order your own treats

            Haley advertises that she needs a weeks notice for all orders in order to have everything prepared by the day you need it. You can place your order by email at or you can send a direct message via Birdie’s Instagram or Facebook page. This spring you can also catch Birdie’s as a vendor at the Spring Jubilee in Iva, S.C. and at Braxton’s Annual Car Show that benefits PAWS of Anderson.


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