Crepe Myrtle Café





My favorite type of restaurant is the type of restaurant that makes me completely forget what city I’m in because I am so enveloped with the atmosphere. Crepe Myrtle Café in Auburn, Alabama does exactly that with their unique environment and cuisine that they have created. In a city full of so many restaurants geared towards college students, Crepe Myrtle definitely stands out.  

Once you pull up to the café you’re already transported to the French countryside with the rustic barn and greenery surrounding the building. Inside you get lost deeper and deeper into a new world with each step. The first half of the building actually serves as a local market with so much fresh produce, dairy, and grains made local to Alabama available for purchase. They even have some special goodies made in-house using local ingredients including their mouthwatering fresh-squeezed orange juice. Looking around the front room with all of the bright colors of fruit and vegetables around you, you feel more like you are in a market in Europe, not a college town in Northern Alabama.

Continue walking through the produce market and you’ll find yourself in the actual café. Here you’ll be able to find your perfect made-to-order crepe or grab something sweet like a slice of coconut cake. Like any great creperie, they have a wide variety for you to choose from on their menu. Everything from breakfast crepes with farm-fresh eggs and veggies to savory crepes with roasted chicken, fresh bleu cheese, and buffalo sauce. Feeling more sweet than savory? They have those too! With a variety of ingredients like Nutela, berries, brown sugar, and sweet cream…they have tons of dessert crepes to satisfy your sweet tooth.  

After you order your food, it is then time to find the perfect seat to enjoy it at. There are plenty of casual booths and tables both inside the café and market, however I opted for the patio. In their outdoor seating area they have huge round tables surrounded by a wooden wall drenched in vines and blooming flowers with a partially covered rooftop. The perfect place for conversing with friends and enjoying the warm southern air over lunch. But, the actual patio isn’t even the best part. If you decide to sit outside you get the exciting experience of getting to spend some time with locals to Crepe Myrtle…no I’m not talking about the people that work there; I’m talking about the chickens! Yep, I said it, chickens! I said that everything sold at Crepe Myrtle is fresh and local to Alabama, the eggs are no exception! While kicking back and enjoying your scrumptious crepe some of the cafes’ chickens wander around the patio for your entertainment. Don’t worry they don’t bite, only peck!


Casual environment, simple ingredients, unbelievable results. Crepe Myrtle Café absolutely blew my mind with how quickly it became my new favorite place for Saturday lunch. Crepes might seem like a decadent dish, but in reality crepes are really quite simple. All you need is some fresh and local ingredients and people who enjoy making a great product. Crepe Myrtle Café should definitely be on your list of a must try restaurant the next time you are in Auburn.


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