Southern Culture Kitchen & Bar





          When there is a restaurant in the city that you live in that has been voted Best Brunch in the Upstate two years in a row…you have got to check it out. Southern Culture Kitchen & Bar is located on North Pleasantburg Drive in Greenville, S.C. The menu at Southern Culture features a variety of elegant entrees with a sassy, southern twist. For my first experience at Southern Culture I wanted to experience all the southern-brunch goodness that my stomach could handle.

Southern Culture is nestled in a shopping center about ten minutes from downtown Greenville. While to the naked eye, the outside of the building just looks like another restaurant…the inside tells quite the different tale. If the theme of Southern Culture is “sassy and southern” then their interior decorator nailed it! Everything from the wooden panels, the light fixtures, to the artwork reflects the southern culture of this eatery. My personal favorite part of the restaurant décor definitely has to be the movie screen that they have displayed against one of the main walls. While I was there for my brunch they were streaming old cartoons on the screen! Having some Saturday morning cartoons with a side of mimosas definitely made the atmosphere super relaxed and made my brunch that much more enjoyable.

When I think of some of my favorite southern foods three words come to mind: fried, spicy, and saucy. The brunch menu definitely honored those three stereotypes with their own twists on several classic brunch dishes. One of the dishes, Grandmas Revenge, features fried chicken served between a Belgian waffle with a fried egg, bacon, cheese, and dijonaise. Some of the other unique dishes available are fried crab cakes benedicts, sweet potato pancakes, and a hippy bowl with jalapeno cheese grits, black bean cake, lime sour cream, goat cheese, and green tomato salsa. So many mouthwatering entrees to choose from that I literally had to ask my waitress to come back three different times because I simply could not decide. That being said, I went with one of my favorite brunch dishes; the omelet! The Down South Omelet is prepared with three fresh eggs with country ham, onions, peppers, pimento cheese, and creole sauce tucked away safely inside. Not only did it have all my classic omelet picks inside but it also had pimento cheese…and trust me when I say that anything with gooey-melted pimento cheese is going to be divine. Add a side of fried green tomatoes and BBQ brunch potatoes and you have one perfect Saturday morning meal.

Now the most important question to ask of any brunch…what’s to drink? Bottomless Mimosas and a Bloody Mary Bar make this brunch oh-so memorable and stand out from most other places in the area. For the mimosas you can either take your champs with the classic orange juice for an amazing price of $12 a person or you can even upgrade to premium juices for just an extra two bucks! If you opt for the premium option you will get to enjoy a different juice each time you get a refill and they have an enormous variety that they filter through. Some of the ones I got to sample from were grapefruit, pineapple mango, and blackberry-blueberry. (And for the record, all three of them were DE-LICIOUS) Now, I’m not usually one for a Bloody Mary but the variety that they offer would please anyone who wants to get an early morning dose of their veggies with a side of vodka. They have a wide selection of house made mixes as well as a variety of vegetables for you to choose from to make your unique drink. All you need to do is add $1 to the vodka of your choosing and tell your waiter or waitress what you want in it. Does it get any better than that?

A memorable environment and food that leaves you craving more the moment you take your last bite. Southern Culture is definitely a staple in Greenville and the perfect place to take any brunch lover. Whether it’s starting your Saturday off, or winding your weekend down on Sunday; if you haven’t tried Southern Culture yet…what are you waiting for?


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