Barista Alley

If you live in the Greer area and are looking for a step above your average cup of joe, then look no further! Barista Alley had it’s grand opening Friday, March 31 in downtown Greer. The ribbon cutting ceremony was held at 2pm that afternoon and from then until closed the place was completely packed with people eager to get their hands on some artisanal coffee.

Barista Alley proudly serves Methodical coffee and circa doughnuts which come together for a delicious combination. The menu provides a variety of choices for you to get your java on depending on what your taste buds are craving. You could try out one of their pour overs, a cup of espresso, or even one of their special flavored lattes (I got the lavender latte-SO good!) Even if you’re not a coffee drinker, they offer several different smoothies and smoothie bowls which almost look too beautiful to eat!

With the killer food and drink part already down pat, the next significant part of any good coffee shop is the ambiance. Is it the place where people bring their parents who are visiting from out of town? Is it the place where everyone sits around on their laptops ignoring each other? Well, I think that the ambiance created at Barista Alley is that of a cool-relaxed place where people will want to go and escape for a little while. With the main wall made up of glass windows the entire building is already lit with warm natural light, which only accents the wholesome décor. There are also a variety of places to sit depending on what you are looking for. Cozy chairs for close conversation, two bars perfect for some me time or a little work, and several tables for those bigger groups to sit together. This coffee shop has something to please everyone, and did I mention there is a record player?

Sipping on a lavender latte and eating my fresh cake doughnut while listening to Frank Sinatra definitely brightened my day at the opening of Barista Alley. Following their grand opening, the shop took the rest of the weekend to regroup and figure out any changes that they needed to make. With workers that humble, you’ll be sure to have nothing less than a great time on your first visit to Barista Alley. I know I can’t wait to come back and continue to watch them thrive.


Welcome to Greer, Barista Alley!







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