Angel Oak Restaurant






Everyone is looking for a new, hot restaurant that has fresh ingredients and a great vibe. Angel Oak Restaurant is exactly that and then some. Located right along the Savannah Highway in John’s Island, South Carolina; Angel Oak is the perfect place to get your farm to table fix while on your next vacation.

So, when thinking about what exactly farm to table means I automatically think that the restaurant is buying local produce and meats and incorporating that into their dishes. If you’re really lucky you might even be able to snag a restaurant that has a small garden out back that sources some of their menu. Well, Angel Oak not only has their own garden but also their own farm animals, which are all represented in their menu! Cooking up only the best in-season meals, their menu can change throughout the year highlighting on the best their farm has to offer.

When I was originally taken to Angel Oak Restaurant I was told all about how they were farm to table and that they had, “ the best fried chicken.” Well…as a southern girl I know good fried chicken and I was excited to try it but I was amazed when I dove into that golden goodness. Buttermilk fried chicken fried to a perfect crisp and then drizzled with herb honey, and if that doesn’t get your mouth drooling the actual meat itself was the juiciest and freshest chicken I’ve ever tasted. Pair that with fresh brussel sprouts and macaroni and cheese and your taste buds will be thanking you over and over again the whole ride home.

Okay so besides the actual (phenomenal) meal, every little detail of the restaurant was everything you want. The most darling building adorned with string lights and local art make you feel immediately at home. Once you cozy up at a table or wooden bench you can go ahead and start thinking about cocktail time. Angel Oak does have a pretty full bar with local beers, wine, and liquor but the thing that is so endearing about the restaurant is that the bar is just a small stand in bar where your waiter goes and prepares your drink for you. So no, you can’t go up to a huge wrap-around bar and sit down and order a brew but I love the intimacy of their bar and actually the whole restaurant.

From presentation to taste buds to atmosphere, Angel Oak Restaurant satisfies on every level possible. Despite staying on Edisto Island for my vacation, making the hour-long drive to eat was beyond worth it. The restaurant might look off the beaten path and small in comparison to other ‘well known’ restaurants, but it by far was one of the best meals and experiences I’ve ever had.



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