Why My Girlfriends Are My Soulmates


By definition, a soulmate is a person ideally suited to another. Someone that just ‘gets you.’ It’s a connection of minds, mutual respect, and unconditional love for one another. It’s about finding someone you can 100% be yourself around knowing that no matter what, they’re by your side.

Some people might be shocked that I’m a single girl in my twenties (Keep in mind I do live in the south). But what I find more shocking is when I come across a girl (no matter the age) who doesn’t have a group of girls that they could call their best friends. No, I’m not talking about elementary school charm bracelet best friends or putting you as my #1 on MySpace best friends. I’m talking about your people. Your tribe. Your inner circle.

Because when I think about my best friends, I think about people who have literally shaped my life and me. My circle of best friends is bigger than I ever thought it would be and I am truly blessed for every single one of those women and the role that they play in my life. I have my childhood best friends, college best friends, ‘adult’ best friends, work best friends…and guess what they all have in common?

  • They are people who just ‘get me.’
  • They accept me (frizzy hair, tardy to dinner dates, bawling my eyes out-they’re not picky.)
  • They respect me.
  • They love me unconditionally.
  • We can have in depth heart-to-heart conversations or have complete laughing fits where one of us might even pee a little…
  • I can ALWAYS be myself with them. Dressed in sweats, dolled up in a bridesmaids dress, singing in the car way too loud and way too off pitch. They take me as I am.
  • They are always there for me-no questions asked.

Sounds familiar, right?

I’m not worried about my future because right now, I have so much love in my heart and in my life through my friends. It literally makes me laugh when I think about how in elementary school people will get into full blown fights over who their “best friend” is. Why limit ourselves to just one when literally we can have our cup runneth over. My girlfriends’ mean so much more to me than just people I hang out with. They’re my soulmates.My relationships with my girls mean everything to me and I would not be the person I am today without them. My friends make me stronger, more adventurous, more open minded, more confident, and more independent than I ever dreamed of being. We might fight or they might not always say or do everything that I want, but that doesn’t make them love me any less. At the end of the day I know I can always count on them and there is absolutely nothing that we cannot get through together.

I’ll find my Mr. Right someday, and when I do I’m sure he’ll fall right into that same category of soulmate. But until that day comes, I’m glad I already have a few to set the standard for him.

“Maybe our girlfriends are our soulmates and guys are just people to have fun with.” –Carrie Bradshaw

10 Female Friendship Movies to Watch With Your Besties:

  1. Someone Great
  2. Beaches
  3. The Women
  4. Practical Magic
  5. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
  6. Clueless
  7. Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion
  8. Steel Magnolias
  9. The Divine Secrets of the Yaya Sisterhood
  10. John Tucker Must Die


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