Savvy Travel Tips





Being an elementary school teacher who is pretty early in their career, I’m far from rolling in the dough. Budgeting has become a big reality and makes you really evaluate what you’re investing your money in.  I think I have a pretty good balance of paying bills, gas, groceries, and having some fun money. That being said, traveling all the time can be pretty pricey, but I’ve rounded up some of my best travel tips to help you save some serious cash money.

Stay Where You Can

         I don’t necessarily mean stay in the half star Motel 7, but don’t think you have to be right there spending two hundred bucks a night somewhere either. One of the best parts of having friends spread out at different places around the country means having a place to stay when you want to visit! One of my best friends lives right on the Gulf Coast, less than two hours from New Orleans. No, I can’t walk to my hotel from Bourbon Street, but two hours is perfect for a trip! Call up old friends or relatives for a place to stay, I mean most people have a guest room for a reason. But, if you seriously don’t have anyone to stay with near a place you would like to visit I suggest trying Air BnB. I’ve used Air BnB a dozen times and only had one experience that was less than amazing. Overall I think Air BnB is so much cheaper if you want to be at a certain location when traveling.

Pack Smart

         I am a lady who loves to have choices when packing for a trip. I have always been an over packer and had a dress for that and the perfect shoes for that. However after college when I started traveling more and more with friends, I’ve discovered that I’m typically the one having to lug all the bags in and out and up a flight of stairs. With that being said, I’ve discovered the art of consolidating. Rather than packing 7 pairs of shoes I now pack 1 pair that is dressy and 1 pair that is more casual. I might only pack a single pair of jeans and a variety of tops that go with them. Now of course this differs depending on where I’m going and what I’ll be doing but I definitely don’t pack my whole closet anymore. Plus I try to only bring one bag; all my toiletries, clothes, makeup, and shoes usually fit in my large suitcase. This makes car rides and packing up so much easier by only having one bag to worry about.


          Pinterest isn’t just a place for cute clothes and recipes. It’s a great network to plan and share ideas for a trip too! Especially if you’re going on a trip to a place you haven’t been on, starting a Pinterest board can be so beneficial! You can look up local restaurants, the best places for happy hour, tours, free sites to see and things to do, cute picture ideas…the list is endless as to what all you can look up and pin for your trip. Whether you make your board public or private to just the people going on the trip, making a board really cuts down on the whole, “uh…so whadda ya wanna do?” You can already see what everyone else is interested in doing, plus it gets you more excited for the trip!

Something Special

         Ah…souvenirs. Of course you always have pictures and your memories from a trip but if you are anything like me you like something special to remember the trip. Now, rather than picking up something random and different each time I go somewhere, I’ve stuck to getting the same thing; a Christmas ornament! I feel like keeping this little tradition makes me save so much money because I know exactly what I’m looking for and don’t spend money on something random that sits on a shelf collecting dust. Whether it’s an ornament like me or a magnet or a coffee mug, I’ve found that sticking to my same souvenir makes it all the more special.


         It’s super easy to wanna ‘treat yo self’ everywhere you go when you travel. I mean even if it’s just for the weekend, to me travel=vacation and vacation=a time to relax and spoil yourself. However, as I stated earlier, living on that teacher budget doesn’t always grant me everything I want. With that in mind I definitely try to keep some balance of going out when traveling. A lot of time I’ll hit up Total Wine and Aldi for some drinks and snacks for a trip. Then whoever I’m traveling with, we have snacks for the trip and can eat breakfast in for at least a day or two and then order pizza or Chinese another night. Going out for lunch over dinner is also a really great savvy tip, same meal but usually saves you a few bucks! I know this sounds pretty calculated, but trust me it really will pay off to pick and choose your wants. Saving $100 on a few meals not only means you’re saving money in general but it also means that you could put that money towards your next trip!

Traveling is not a cheap pastime. Flights, hotels, food, souvenirs…it all costs money. However, if you take the time to look at some of these tips hopefully you can enjoy all the benefits of traveling without breaking the bank! Let me know how you like to save money when traveling, too!

Angel Oak Restaurant






Everyone is looking for a new, hot restaurant that has fresh ingredients and a great vibe. Angel Oak Restaurant is exactly that and then some. Located right along the Savannah Highway in John’s Island, South Carolina; Angel Oak is the perfect place to get your farm to table fix while on your next vacation.

So, when thinking about what exactly farm to table means I automatically think that the restaurant is buying local produce and meats and incorporating that into their dishes. If you’re really lucky you might even be able to snag a restaurant that has a small garden out back that sources some of their menu. Well, Angel Oak not only has their own garden but also their own farm animals, which are all represented in their menu! Cooking up only the best in-season meals, their menu can change throughout the year highlighting on the best their farm has to offer.

When I was originally taken to Angel Oak Restaurant I was told all about how they were farm to table and that they had, “ the best fried chicken.” Well…as a southern girl I know good fried chicken and I was excited to try it but I was amazed when I dove into that golden goodness. Buttermilk fried chicken fried to a perfect crisp and then drizzled with herb honey, and if that doesn’t get your mouth drooling the actual meat itself was the juiciest and freshest chicken I’ve ever tasted. Pair that with fresh brussel sprouts and macaroni and cheese and your taste buds will be thanking you over and over again the whole ride home.

Okay so besides the actual (phenomenal) meal, every little detail of the restaurant was everything you want. The most darling building adorned with string lights and local art make you feel immediately at home. Once you cozy up at a table or wooden bench you can go ahead and start thinking about cocktail time. Angel Oak does have a pretty full bar with local beers, wine, and liquor but the thing that is so endearing about the restaurant is that the bar is just a small stand in bar where your waiter goes and prepares your drink for you. So no, you can’t go up to a huge wrap-around bar and sit down and order a brew but I love the intimacy of their bar and actually the whole restaurant.

From presentation to taste buds to atmosphere, Angel Oak Restaurant satisfies on every level possible. Despite staying on Edisto Island for my vacation, making the hour-long drive to eat was beyond worth it. The restaurant might look off the beaten path and small in comparison to other ‘well known’ restaurants, but it by far was one of the best meals and experiences I’ve ever had.


Fresh Picked Lavender 101



In the fall you go apple picking, in the summer you go Lavender picking. Okay no, not really. During the summer most people go pick strawberries, blueberries, or basically any type of berry. However, the summer is also the time to pick lavender! Now there aren’t lavender fields in every town but they also aren’t as scarce as one might think. Many regions have lavender festivals and some local places have a ‘U-Pick’ time period. Luckily, there is a lavender farm about ten minutes from my home so when they announced they were hosting another picking event I was ready to buy my ticket!

Many people think lavender is just a great scent for things like perfume, laundry detergent, or lotion. But lavender is so much more than a scent that smells good. The essential oils extracted from lavender are known to have very calming affects on people. Lavender also, surprisingly, tastes really good and refreshing. Drinks, sweets, even meat-it has a great flavor and can be used in so many different ways.

So, with that being said, after you’ve picked your lavender (or bought the pre-picked bundles; no judgment) you might be wondering what the heck to do with it. Well I’ve laid out how to care for your fresh lavender, some arts and crafts ideas, and some of my favorite lavender recipes.

Caring for your lavender

            Basically it comes down to if you want to keep your lavender fresh or if you want to dry it. If you want your lavender fresh you’ll want to keep it in a small amount of water, change the water DAILY, and the lavender should stay fresh for 1-2 weeks. If you’re wanting to dry your lavender (best for crafts and culinary) it’s really quite simple. Your bundle should already be tied in a rubber band. Next step is to hang your bundle upside down in a dark space. Personally, I used my closet and tied a ribbon to the rubber band and tied the ribbon to a hanger towards the bottom of my closet. Since what you’re essentially drying out is the buds, you’ll want to keep a towel under the bundle to catch the buds that fall. After you leave the bundle this way for 10-14 days. Now depending on what exactly you want to do with your lavender will depend on what to do next. If you want to use your lavender for cooking then you will need to gently pick all the buds off and keep them in a brown or dark blue glass container. As long as you keep the buds in the container in a dry/dark place they should be good for 5-10 years! Just put them in a grinder when you plan on using them.


Arts & Crafts

            One of my favorite seasonal decorations is a good ole wreath. Buying a fancy wreath with all the bells and whistles can be some serious $$$ so I enjoy making my own with what I have/what’s on sale. About a year ago I got a plain vine wreath at Trader Joe’s for $3.99 in October. I had used it as just a plain wreath for Fall-but with all my new lavender…I thought I would fix it up. Personally, I waited until it was dried out before I used it but basically I just took the dried lavender (stems and all) and worked them through the vines of the wreath. Don’t be afraid to be generous, the more lavender you add the better! The great thing about this wreath is that every time I walk in the door I get a big whiff of lavender and it is the perfect way to come home after a long day.

Another super easy craft idea is making sachets out of your lavender. Just take the dry buds off the stems and put them in a cotton drawstring bag. These are so easy to make and really just allow the fragrance from the lavender to keep a space smelling great. These are great for putting in your car, your dresser drawers, or even in your linen closet!




            Everything from sweets to drinks, you name it and there is a lavender recipe for it. Below I’ve listed a variety of some of my favorite lavender recipes to try out!

Lavender Martini

¼ cup Lavender Syrup (listed below)

3 tablespoons fresh lemon juice

2 lemon peels

¼ cup of vodka

1/3 cup of champagne

Pour lavender syrup, lemon juice, and vodka in a shaker and shake well. Distribute between two martini glasses. Top each glass with champagne and a lemon peel!

Lavender Simple Syrup: Boil 1 cup of water and 1 cup of sugar in a small saucepan until the sugar dissolves. Remove from heat and slowly stir in 2 tablespoons of dried culinary lavender buds and 1 small strip of lemon zest. Steep for about twenty minutes and strain the contents into a small container with a tight fitting lid and refrigerate!

Chocolate Lavender Brownies

1 teaspoon dried culinary lavender buds

3 cups sugar

1 ¾ cups all-purpose flour

¾ cups + 2 tablespoons cocoa powder

½ teaspoon salt

¼ teaspoon instant espresso or coffee powder

3 sticks unsalted butter

4 large eggs

2 teaspoons vanilla extract

1 cup chopped walnuts or pecans (optional)

Preheat oven to 325 degrees and butter a 13 x 9 inch baking dish.

Place lavender buds and 1 tablespoon of sugar in a grinder and finely grind the mixture. Put the lavender mixture in a large bowl and add flour, cocoa, salt, espresso/coffee powder, and the remaining sugar. Mix well.

In a separate bowl, soften butter until almost melted. Whisk in eggs and vanilla.

Make a well opening in the center of the dry ingredients and pour in the wet ingredients. Mix well using a wooden spoon and add in the nuts if using. Pour mixture into the baking dish and smooth out. Bake for 35-45 minutes or until an inserted toothpick comes out of the center mostly clean.


Lavender Honey Marinade

½ cup honey

¼ cup dried culinary lavender buds (finely ground in a spice grinder)

2 tablespoons olive oil

1 ½ tablespoons white wine vinegar

1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice

1 tablespoon fresh lime juice

1 tablespoon fresh tangerine juice

2 tablespoons minced garlic

Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper

In a small bowl mix together the honey, lavender, vinegar, lemon juice, lime juice, tangerine juice, and garlic. Season with salt and pepper.

In a gallon sized Ziploc bag, put chicken or shrimp. Pour marinade in Ziploc bag, making sure to push all the air out before closing completely. Make sure the marinade is distributed evenly over the meat, and place refrigerate for up to 4 hours. (The longer you refrigerate, the more the marinade will be absorbed into the meat) Remove meat from bag and grill or bake. Pour remaining marinade from bag on top of meat halfway through cooking to ensure extra flavor.






Jacksonville: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly




One part about adulting that I’ve had to get use to is that not all of your friends are going to live within a mile of you for the rest of your life. Relationships, jobs, and schools look different for everyone and people move away. However, having friends live in different places can be exciting! For one, you always have a place to stay when you go visit them. Secondly, you can plan to make time for each other by going on getaways that are new and exciting for both of you!

Hence how our trip to Jacksonville, Florida got planned. With one friend on the Gulf Coast of Alabama, one in Atlanta, and two of us in Greenville we really wanted to go somewhere that would be equidistant for everyone. Once we went through the places we’ve already been and established that we wanted somewhere near the beach we took to Google Maps. Double-checking distances for everyone we discovered that Jacksonville was exactly five hours for everyone! Seems like the perfect plan, or so we thought…

Jacksonville was a very interesting place to say the least. We laughed, we cried, and we definitely left with some stories to tell.

So here it is, Jacksonville: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.

The Good

         Gotta look at everything with a little bit of positivity. So to start off, Jacksonville had some really good food! Seafood by the beach, a scrumptious brunch, and every appetizer your heart could ever desire at a sports bar. Pretty much everything we ate lived up to all of our expectations.

Another great thing about Jacksonville is that it’s only a forty-minute drive from St. Augustine. Not knowing what exactly to except from our trip, we decided to just spend one day in St. Augustine. Now despite the scorching heat, St. Augustine was definitely the highlight of the trip. Free winery tour and tasting, phenomenal drinks at gorgeous hotels, and probably one of the top 3 best meals I’ve ever eaten in my life.

Lastly, another pro of our trip to Jacksonville was the location of our Airbnb. Aside from a twenty-minute drive to the beach and the drive to St. Augustine-everything was within a 5-10 minute drive from where we stayed.



The Bad

         So we took our trip during Memorial Day weekend ready to brace ourselves for the holiday crowd. Nope, not in Jacksonville. I swear, everywhere we went was dead! One of our favorite restaurants that we went to was Kickbacks. The coolest décor, colorful waiter, and fantastic food…but completely dead! We were so confused but everyone kept saying that it was early and everyone would be out later…we were eating dinner at 7:30, how late do these people stay out?

Another bad part about our trip: the heat. Let it be known that unless you are going to Disney World or planning to spend all day on the beach-Florida in late May…no, just no.


The Ugly

         Ah…the ugly side of our trip to Jacksonville. Why don’t we start with our Airbnb. Yes, it was in a great location…and that’s about it. The running joke all weekend is that we were staying at Florida’s version of Grey Gardens. Complete with overgrown bushes, creepy artwork, and the cockroaches…LIVE cockroaches! Thankfully the owners did spray one day while we were gone and all we really did was sleep there, but even that was a stretch. Word to the wise: before booking your Airbnb double check that there is a picture of the outside of the house.

The I.D. situation was another ugly side of Jacksonville. Well, more annoying than anything, but all the same. After being in Jacksonville for a good five minutes we took to the beach! We had done our research and found that the Lemon Bar was the hot spot for lunch on the beach. Well…it was also the site where we got to argue with two “bouncers” and a manager over how my twenty-four year old friend’s I.D. was ‘100% a fake I.D.’ After a series of “Scan it!” and “Okay, get an officer to confirm it’s real,” the manager allowed her to come in. Now, I will say they had phenomenal coconut shrimp and an amazing Miami Vice, but come on…

And then there was the Trolley/Fountain of Youth tragedy of 2017. The trolley seemed like a great way to see and do everything we wanted to in St. Augustine but that was until we were stranded miles from our car in the Florida heat outside a chocolate shop waiting for our next trolley. There went trolley one, two, three, and even trolley number four. Nobody got off the first four trolleys that went by our stop. FINALLY we were all able to board a trolley and head towards the Fountain of Youth-the main attraction that we wanted to go to. But, oh wait; it was closed early for a wedding! Now, just because it was closed did not mean that we didn’t get to drink from the fountain…but that’s another story for another time.


Ah Jacksonville, such a unique place to visit. I can’t say that we’ll be back anytime soon but I wouldn’t have wanted to go on this trip with anyone else. That’s the thing about traveling though. You plan where to stay and where to eat but everything isn’t going to be as glamorous as you might have imagined. In fact, sometimes you get screamed at from random women on the street during a photo-shoot that you stole her husband’s clothing designs and that she’s going to come looking for you. But, if you have your friends with you, everything is a memory you can laugh at later…at home and away from the cockroaches.

Chapel Hill







So, in recent news my boyfriend started a new job in Raleigh, NC working at an engineering company. While he has traveled there many times to visit friends and go to UNC games I had never traveled past Charlotte. With that said, I knew that there was a lot to discover in and around Raleigh. First stop: Chapel Hill.

Both of my boyfriend’s parents attended the University of North Carolina and it was at UNC where they actually met each other and fell in love. So with blue practically running in their blood, I knew long ago that one day I would journey to Chapel Hill and see what exactly made it so special.

Spending an entire day in Tar Heel country and I actually understand why people love it so much. Between the stunning campus and vibrant downtown strip I might just become a basketball fan after all…

Here’s a rundown of everywhere we went and everything we did in a day at Chapel Hill.

  • He’s Not Here Big ole’ cups of beer and home to the infamous Chapel Hill wall. Awesome place to just hang around the back porch with friends around a picnic table or of course watch some basketball by the bar.


  • Top of the Hill Super swanky restaurant with a phenomenal rooftop view of downtown Chapel Hill. A wide variety of entrees to choose from plus an awesome afternoon menu with appetizers like Bavarian Pretzels and cheese and fried pickles and jalapenos. Plus they brew their beer in house…need I say anything else?


  • University of North Carolina Campus More than just a place for the students, there’s a lot of really unique UNC landmarks like the fountain and the bell tower. Plus, it’s just a really beautiful campus to walk around.


  • Four Corners Right along East Franklin Street is Four Corners. Classic Sports Bar complete with burgers, wings, and everything else in between. A great place to sit at the bar for a quick bite and drink. Plus, they have weekday specials!

Pineapple-Mango Salsa




With summer quickly approaching I’m eager to break out all of my favorite summer recipes! Getting fresh fruits and veggies from local farmers markets and food stands definitely plays a big role in what I eat throughout the summer months, and this recipe is no exception. Combining one of my favorite food indulgences, chips and salsa, with a fresh fruit twist, this pineapple mango salsa is sure to be something you will want to make over and over again. It’s not a very heavy snack, which makes it perfect for hanging by the pool or just relaxing on your porch enjoying the cool nigh air. Plus, it takes less than twenty minutes to make from scratch, which makes it a double plus in my book.

What you’ll need…

2 cups of diced pineapple

2 cups of diced mango

1 cup of diced jalapeño

1 cup of diced red onion

1 tbs. lime juice

2 tbs. cilantro

 And that’s it.

Once you have your ingredients prepped, mix well together in a large bowl and let chill in the fridge for 10-15 minutes.

 I know that sometimes buying ingredients based off of measurements can be stressful. So, basically what my grocery list consisted of was: one whole pineapple (you don’t need the whole thing, but I wanted to keep the rest as a separate snack. You could just as easily buy it in a can), one mango, two jalapeños, one red onion, one bushel of cilantro, and one lime.




Blue Ridge Brewing Company

IMG_9758         IMG_9759



When I think of rooftop bars in the Upstate area I typically think about downtown Greenville. However, there is a hidden gem located in the heart of downtown Greer. Blue Ridge Brewing Company originally opened its doors in Greenville in 1995, and relocated to Greer almost two decades later. Between handcrafted drinks and exquisite cuisine, this place is something to be sought after.

The first level of the brewing company is a large, open, swanky room that is perfect for an intimidate date night. Once you make your way upstairs, you’ll find their phenomenal rooftop. Between the cozy corner booths and oversized umbrellas, this rooftop makes you feel like you’re mere miles from the beach. The perfect place to hang by the bar and enjoy the view or grab a mid-afternoon bite with co-workers.

Besides the visual appeal, I also love the diversity of Blue Ridge Brewing Company. I feel like several brewing companies only serve the beer that they brew in house. However, here you have your pick of anything from domestics to sangria to margaritas! Plus their food is equally diverse. Hand-tossed pizza, sizzling steak, fresh seafood, and good ole’ southern BBQ. The menu has something special to please everyone’s appetite.

I’m a big believer that you don’t have to follow the mainstream to find the best that life has to offer. I love the hustle and bustle of a big city, but sometimes it’s nice to take a break and enjoy what’s sitting in your own backyard. So, the next time that you are wanting to add a little spice in your usual plans, explore Blue Ridge Brewing Company and I promise you won’t regret it!

Friday 5: Top 5 Rooftops in Greenville, SC

Love all of these spots, and couldn’t agree more!

Adventures of a Southern Fellow

It’s no secret eating and drinking on rooftops has become a thing here in the Upstate. With 2 new rooftops opening within the last year and at least 2 more slated to open by the end of the year, I thought I would do a top 5 of my current favorite rooftops to visit since I did a top 5 of my favorite patios.


Up on the Roof

I’m pretty sure this is Greenville’s favorite rooftop, just due to the amount of Instafamousness (if that’s a word- meaning Instagram popularity). Just in case you haven’t heard of Up on the Roof it is located on top of the new Embassy Suites in Downtown Greenville at Riverplace and offers a variety of food options, a unique drink menu and some of the best views of the city.

Southern Fellow Drink Recommendation: The Roof-tini (hangar one kaffir lime, Skyy vodka…

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Why I Still Call my Hometown, Home


“Where are you from?” It’s a common question you’re bound to get asked at some point in your lifetime. You’re asked it your freshman year at college, you’re asked it the first day at your new job, and your asked it when you are off on vacation and meet someone new for the first time.

The question I now have for you is: What do you say?

As someone who moved away after I graduated from college it’s very tempting to want to call my new place “home.” The city has so much life, so much art and things to do and amazing food. It’s a city known for being a great place to live…but that’s the thing. It’s the place where I live-but it’s still not my home.

Growing up I almost felt like Belle in Beauty and the Beast. What else was out there? What more could I see and do? I wanted better food, fancier affairs, and more to see. I have that now, but I find myself more than ever missing my hometown.

With all that being said and done, I’ve mustered up 8 reasons as to why I still call my hometown home.

  1. Back roads

I’m telling you right now that I can get anywhere in my hometown in fifteen minutes or less, and I’ve never gotten a speeding ticket (in my hometown…) No “hoping” onto 285, 385, 485 or any interstate or highway period. Just knowing where I’m going and five different routes to get there. It’s that back road life, baby.

  1. Comfort Food

I’ve eaten beignets in New Orleans and pizza in New York and I’ve loved every scrumptious bite. But here’s the thing-there’s still nothing like the food you get when you are home. It’s the food of your childhood and the food you ate before prom and the food you ate with your best friends. It’s just simply food that brings you comfort. Like seriously, even the Chick-fil-A tastes better when I’m home.

  1. Memory Lane

There’s just something about being somewhere that holds memories for you. Your hometown is where you met your best friends, had your first kiss, your first heartbreak, and held Saturday yard sales with your friends when you were too lazy to get a job. (Guilty!) Every corner of town holds a special memory, and serves as one giant scrapbook.

  1. Familiar Faces

Yes, it’s exciting to meet new people and expand your horizons. However, I would be lying if I didn’t love going to a restaurant and running into people I know when I’m home. Everyone loves to feel like a big fish in a small pond every now and again.

  1. The Rumor Mill

We live in the south, gossip is inevitable and it’s so much more exciting hearing about what’s going on in your hometown rather than hearing about complete strangers. Not saying everything is about he said she said, but even the little changes throughout the town. For example, my hometown is getting a sushi restaurant downtown, FINALLY! Pretty sure that article had over 5,000 shares on Facebook.

  1. Family

If you are lucky like me, your family lived in your hometown before you were born and they still live there even after you’ve moved away. Having family somewhere ensures a connection to that place, and it’s always nice to have a place to stay when your home.

  1. Alma Mater

Okay so my hometown definitely isn’t a ‘College Town’, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a college in our town. I actually attended a private university that is nestled right by downtown. That means that I attended pre-school through my four years of college all within ten miles.

  1. Where the Heart Is

Through young love and family loss-your hometown is where your heart is. It’s where you conquer your fears and find your strength. It’s drenched in your tears and forever echoes with the laughter from your childhood. Your home is where you find yourself, and sometimes its good to be able to go back to that.

Traveling is what I love to do. I love seeing new places and meeting new people every chance I get. Overall, I’m glad that I moved out of my hometown. It’s what I needed to do for me in order to grow into the person I needed to be. Even with all that said-my hometown will always be the place that I am proud to call home.



Peanut Butter Energy Bites



Okay so in a couple of other recipe posts I’ve talked about incorporating more protein in my diet to keep up my energy when at work. I’ve pretty much got the breakfast and lunch part down, but I’ve been searching for a good light snack. Just something that I can eat during my planning period or even something I can munch on right after school before I go work out. This quest has been especially difficult with students having birthdays constantly and bringing cupcakes almost every single day. With my big sweet tooth I knew I wanted something tastier than just a cheese stick or a banana…so I discovered energy bites! The original recipe I used called for some different ingredients, so I actually changed it a bit to fit what I had in my kitchen and WOW these things are delicious! They are full of protein and fiber and really help satisfy my taste buds while also keeping me energized. Even if I just eat one during planning I feel like my appetite is curved and I have plenty of energy to get me through the rest of the day…like seriously they helped me that much. Another huge plus of these energy bites…no baking! They seriously probably took me a total of 15 minutes to prep all together and that’s including 10 minutes of being in the fridge to solidify.

The ingredients:

½ cup Dry Oatmeal

1/3 cup Honey

2/3 cup Creamy Peanut Butter

½ cup Chocolate chips

1/3 cup Chia seeds


Mix all ingredients together in a medium sized bowl and then let chill in the fridge for about 10 minutes. After the ingredients have been in the fridge form into small balls…about the size of a golf ball or a little smaller. Should make about 14-16 balls depending on how big you make them. Place back in the fridge for at least an hour ( I did overnight) and enjoy! Only five ingredients, no baking, and these things seriously hit the jackpot in my book!