Hotlanta: What’s Hot to do in Atlanta Right Now





It’s no secret that Atlanta is home to many must-see things in the south. Aside from being a center for pop culture, they have the Atlanta Braves, Georgia Aquarium, Cocoa Cola Factory…the list is endless. However in such a big city it’s hard to keep up with what’s the new thing to do. So, on a recent trip to ATL I got the chance to experience some amazing things for the first time and thought I would share.

First off, I wanted to share some delicious foodie spots that you need to try on your next Atlanta visit. For brunch-there’s the Little Tart Bakeshop and West Egg Café. Little Tart Bakeshop has every sort of sweet and savory pastry your heart could desire from German ham and cheese croissants to everything scones. On weekends, you can even enjoy their special brunch item of cheese waffles and bacon. Top it all off with a fresh cup of Octane brewed coffee and you’ve got yourself the perfect start to your Saturday morning.

At West Egg Café they have all your classic brunch favorites. I went with the make your own omelets and breakfast potatoes with one of their scratch made biscuits. They also serve up some serious lattes like the smores latte and unique cocktails like the morning margarita. West Egg is a definite must-try the next time you find yourself in Atlanta.

Not in the mood for brunch? No worries…lunch in the city is just as good! Shopping and some good eats can be found at Ponce City Market. Ponce is home to a variety of restaurants that surpass your everyday mall food. They have everything from chic Chinese bistros to authentic Mexican cantinas to gourmet Italian. Once you’re done indulging in some delicious food, you can just work it off by shopping at some of their unique stores. They have some mainstream retailors like J Crew and Anthropologie but I love exploring some of the local boutiques and shops! Some of it might be out of my budget BUT… there’s no harm in looking! Top off your afternoon at Ponce with some edible cookie dough and a round of mini-golf on the rooftop!

To wrap up your perfect Atlanta day-trip, you can make your way to Deep End. This aquatic themed spot is so unique and fun, and the place to be any day of the week. Décor like sharks heads and fishing nets paired with their quirky drinks like frose and the Wendy Peppercorn make for the perfect late night hangout for you and your friends. Everything goes together so perfectly and the whole place has such a cool, relaxed vibe to it. They even have special event nights for BINGO, karaoke, and DJs so whenever you go you can always have a different experience. Oh…and did I mention they have tacos? Some other phenomenal spots for lunch or dinner are going to be Superica or Ladybird Grove and Mess Hall. I’ve ate at both of these spots a few times and they never disappoint! Similar to Deep End, each of these has that hip, Atlanta atmosphere…and some serious good food! Superica is similar to Ponce in the sense that it is actually nestled inside Krog Street Market . So, aside from eating this Mexican food with a twist, you can also do a little bit of shopping! Ladybird  has its own menu of unique American cuisine, and it’s a great spot if you’re looking for a place where you can relax outside some.

Finding new, and exciting places to eat when you’re out of town can sometimes seem daunting. So, I hope this blog helps you out the next time you find yourself with Georgia on your mind.



Tom’s BBQ









Calling all BBQ lovers…I have discovered a hidden gem in Greenville that you absolutely must try. Now, Tom’s BBQ hasn’t always been “Tom’s” but the location has been a BBQ restaurant for over 30 years, 14 of those most recent years it has been known as “Tom’s BBQ.” It wasn’t until about four months ago that Brock and Beth Stevens bought the place from Tom, and since then they have been making some big moves on the BBQ scene. Keeping with the same mouthwatering recipes, Brock and Beth have been shaking things up at Tom’s by adding some new classic BBQ sides to the menu, updating the dinning room, and really becoming a presence on social media. If you’ve been following them on Instagram you can be tempted almost daily but images of some of their classics like pulled pork, mac n’ cheese, apple pie, and even by some of their enormous catering giveaways. (Yup, you heard me- I said they do giveaways.)

Brock and Beth were looking for a business to invest in and along came Tom’s right at the perfect time. Despite the fact that the restaurant has switched owners a few times, the recipes haven’t changed within 30 years. Many of the same classic BBQ dishes, the savory barbeque recipe itself, and the majority of their 8 sauces have been there since the beginning.

So, what makes Tom’s BBQ so standout? Well, for one thing they are open six days a week for lunch. Most BBQ joints are only open 3-4 days a week in order to cook everything properly. Well, Tom’s is still getting all that meat good and tender- they simply choose to smoke all throughout the day and night in order to keep doors open longer. More chances to get my hands on barbeque…um, yes please.

Another huge appeal to Tom’s is the food…duh. I am a huge connoisseur of fried okra and let me just say that I literally could not stop eating it. Some other personal favorite’s of mine include the sweet potato crunch and the banana pudding…. both sinfully delicious and good to the final spoonful. Then there’s the star of the show…the meat. The pulled pork is what they’re known for and it did not disappoint. Super tender and jam-packed full of flavor…. plus their portions are more than generous. Aside from the pulled pork they also offer ribs and brisket…all of which you can top with your choice of any of their 8 signature sauces. (The cheerwine is a local favorite)

Aside from being a booming restaurant front, Tom’s also offers phenomenal catering services. Tailgates, reunions, rehearsal dinners, you name it and they’ve got you’ve covered! They’ve even taken some catering requests that weren’t strictly barbeque… which shows just how dedicated they are to serving up good food to their community. With the holiday season looming in the near future, they’ve even put together a special Thanksgiving feast. This feast includes a fried turkey, 3 of their special sides, and a choice of dessert. Thanksgiving, friendsgiving, whatever the need; they’ve got you covered!

I’m actually a little ashamed that it took me this long to get to Tom’s to find out what I’ve been missing out on. A place where you can get some serious good barbeque, a cozy lunch environment, and owners who truly invest in their business. Couldn’t ask for anything else!

Sailing Around Savannah







So I recently had my very first trip to Savannah, GA (shocker, I know) for a friend’s bachelorette party. To celebrate our bride to be, we ended up booking a sailboat for a few hours. Now personally…I was a little skeptical about this little sail boating adventure. I wasn’t sure what to expect that I would have to do, what to wear on a boat in October, and what we could bring. I was pleasantly surprised by how amazing of an experience we actually ended up having, so I decided to share it!

We ended up getting our charter through Compass Sailing, and we sailed for half a day (4 hours.) Our four hours included the boat, the captain, soft drinks, and water. Booking a charter for half a day ends up being just under $500 not including the tip…now while that sounds like a pretty penny it really was so worth it. You get to bring your own food and drinks…that was especially nice since we were there for a bachelorette party. Now depending on the weather will depend on the path that your captain ends up taking you on during your charter. Luckily, we sailed a good ways into the ocean and got to see several groups of dolphins which was honestly so magical!

I guess when I first thought sail boat I was thinking okay so we need to wear sperries and be prepared to ‘tie the lines’. Not the case at all! We could walk around the boat barefoot and we had access to the cabin where there was a kitchen and restroom, we could lay out on the deck, or we could stay seated by the captain. Our captain had Bluetooth speakers so we could play music the whole time and walk back and forth, dance, and really go wherever! Now there was a point when our boat was on a major tilt…I guess that’s part of the whole sailing thing…but during that time you definitely want to stay seated and brace yourself.

Another great part of our sail boating experience was our captain. Hands down, Captain Steve MADE our afternoon so memorable! He was so accommodating to us, let us take turns steering if we wanted, and kept us laughing the whole afternoon. If you decide to book a charter through Compass, you need to request Zingara with Captain Steve!

Now I’m not saying that you only have to go sailing in Savannah, obviously. But if you’re looking for something new and exciting to try out with a group of friends I highly recommend you try out chartering a boat! The experience we had was so amazing and definitely a memorable event to celebrate our bachelorette.

McGee’s Scot-Irish Pub






Everyone loves a good pub. Pub’s are known as being a place where friends can come together to clink glasses and break bread in a fun atmosphere. McGee’s Scot-Irish Pub is no exception to this rule; it has all of the classic qualities of a good pub…plus an added touch of Southern class.

Located in the heart of Anderson, it is the oldest single owned restaurant in downtown. So that leaves one wondering…okay, what’s their secret? In an economy where businesses come and go, a restaurant could be gone in the blink of an eye before one even gets the chance to try it. Owners, John and Dixie, modestly reveal that their big secret is simply dedication. “If you are good to your business, then your business will be good to you.” Lots of flexibility and love have gone into this establishment. There is that same consistent good food combined hard working staff that make McGee’s a living, breathing success.

The inspiration behind a Scot-Irish pub in a small town in South Carolina comes from the owner’s love of travel. From the unique, rustic décor to the inventive entrees, you definitely feel like you are on a European getaway for night when you come here.

I can’t sit here and be totally unbiased to McGee’s….I’ve actually been coming here for over ten years now. This is the same place that I came to eat chicken fingers and ‘plan’ prom…that now I come to get my black n bleu salad and pinot grigio with friends I haven’t seen in a year. McGee’s is memories to me, and has always been a place I felt comfortable bringing friends, old or new. Aside from the memories, the food and friendly workers keep me going back over and over. (Trust me-once you have their beer cheese soup, you’ll wanna keep going back too.)

Aside from all of that, McGee’s has always kept a unique since of ‘food and fun’ that I find refreshing. Karaoke is the typical weekly event you see at most restaurants, but not at McGee’s. In wanting to do something to break away from the crowd, McGee’s has got quite the list of events under its belt. Everything from weekly trivia, live music, holiday parties, and cabaret shows. There’s no end to good times that you can have, whichever night or time of the year you choose to come. My most recent visit to McGee’s led me to try a something new-their monthly wine dinners. The last Monday of every month, McGee’s hosts a unique four course dinner-each paired with a glass of wine carefully selected by owner John, winner of the wine spectator award. Several places offer wine tastings, but at this event you are getting four actual glasses of wine and you can purchase that evening’s wine at a special discounted rate. Wine not your thing? That’s okay-you can still enjoy the evening with a pint of beer or a mocktail! They’ve been running these wine dinners since 2005, so trust me when I say they’ve got it down pat. Aside from the food and drinks, it’s also a non-intimidating, affordable way to learn about wine. You’ll learn everything from what wines pair best with what type of food, where your wine is from, and what grapes were used. By the time you’ll leave you’ll have a wealth of knowledge so that you can in turn go and enhance your own dinning experience and wow any guests.

John and Dixie aren’t worried about being the coolest and most hip place in town, they care about their community. They want to offer their neighbors a place they can come and feel welcome and want to come back to bring all their friends. Whatever brings you to the fair streets of Anderson, don’t forget to make McGee’s a part of your visit. You’ll be sure to leave with a smile on your face, and a belly full of good food.

Chipotle’s Queso




Okay I feel like to be completely fair and honest, I need to start off by saying I have always been a Moe’s girl. In my hometown we’ve had a Moe’s way before we ever had Chipotle so, yes, my loyalty has always lied with Moe’s. However, I cannot deny that after my first bowl at Chipotle I was confused…their ingredients are undeniably fresh and therefore delicious.

So, for a long time I’ve been enjoying both Chipotle and Moe’s for what makes them different. At Moe’s I’m getting my burrito, unlimited free chips, salsa bar, and queso. At Chipotle I’m getting my bowl with chips and guacamole…that I pay for separately. The chips and queso is really what the big difference was for me. Having to pay for chips at Chipotle was one thing, but them not having queso…that’s something entirely different. I wish I could recall the first time I ever tasted queso because I’m pretty sure it was life changing for me. I love all kinds of queso from everywhere, seriously. For my friends and I queso is one of the essential snacks to have if we get together; whether it’s watching a movie, having a bachelorette party…any occasion big or small.

Then it finally happened. Chipotle at last announced that they were going to have queso in all of their stores nationwide! This seemed like my time at Moe’s was being threatened…if Chipotle’s queso was anything like the yummy freshness of their other ingredients I just might lean more towards being a Chipotle girl.

Naturally I had to go and try this long awaited addition as soon as possible. How was the queso you ask? Well several words come to mind: bland, Velveeta-like, thin, confusing…I even heard someone use ‘chowder’ as a description. To say that their queso was subpar is me being generous…I mean don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t the worst thing I’ve ever ate…but it was far beneath my expectations of anything that dares bare the name queso. If you’ve ever put regular cheddar cheese in the microwave to melt it, that’s basically what Chipotle did. I mean I know that Chipotle is all about using the best and freshest ingredients, but come on, how can you mess up queso?!

Overall, I’m not mad at Chipotle for what they did…just a little disappointed. I thought that the internal feud of enjoying both Moe’s and Chipotle was over and, at last, one of them had out shown the other. Seems as though I’ll still be going to Moe’s for the free chips and always-delicious queso.

Greenville Staycation











Whether it’s time, money, or a special occasion-life doesn’t always allow you to escape on your dream, exotic vacation. While Hawaii, New York, or a cruise all sound like ideal location for a relaxing getaway, sometimes if you look in your own back yard you can find all the relaxation you need. A ‘staycation’ is the perfect plan for anyone looking for some fun and freedom from the everyday workweek.

Living in Greenville, I sometimes take for granted some of the amazing things that make Greenville so appealing to everyone that visits. So, for my birthday weekend a staycation was exactly what the doctor ordered! Rather than traveling out of town, I decided to spend some time re-exploring this city that I love so much.

Where I stayed

         While I live in Greenville County, I don’t live in the most accessible part of the city. So, having a staycation is the perfect chance to get to experience Greenville from a completely different perspective.

When I think of staying in a hotel in Greenville, there is only one hotel that comes to mind; The Westin Poinsett. It is the epitome of sophistication and relaxation and everything you are wanting in a hotel. Located in the heart of downtown, it is the prime spot for a weekend getaway.

The amenities offered to guests are as far and wide as your needs require. An easily accessible parking garage, transportation around downtown, restaurant & lounge, gym…you name it and they have it! Not to mention the staff is so warm and welcoming from the moment you walk in to the second you check out. There is absolutely no other place I would have wanted to rest my bags during my staycation, then the Westin.

Where I ate

         Greenville’s variety of cuisine is hands down one of my absolute favorite things about the city. Just when I think the food can’t get any better, here comes a new restaurant that blows me away. During my staycation I went to some of my go-to spots downtown.

Gringos– To cater to all my Mexican cravings, Gringos is the place to go. Amazing food, the best drinks, and such a relaxed environment. Gringos is the kind of place where you can go with friends after work, and end up sitting on the porch for hours just hanging out. Plus…they have one of the best happy hours in all of downtown, and who doesn’t love $3 queso?

Sidewall– This is not your every day, ordinary pizzeria. Sidewall has such a unique variety of pies to choose from, my absolute FAVORITE is their spicy Italian-if you enjoy spicy food this is the pizza your taste buds have been waiting on. Aside from their delicious, fresh made pizza they also have homemade ice cream that is made daily…just saying.

Diner 24– Even though this diner has only been open a few short months, it has already become one a downtown hotpot. Tons of classic diner favorites like meatloaf, burgers, and French toast are offered all day long. That’s right, this diner is open 24 hours; hence the name Diner 24! This kind of joint is exactly what Greenville has needed and it the perfect place for everyone to get their grub on!

What I did

         There’s SO much fun stuff to do in Greenville- everything from breweries, to boutique bowling alleys, shopping, the zoo…seriously the list goes on and on! In planning my staycation, I definitely wanted to do something fun and different, but also relaxing! I decided to do two very different, but both very exciting things!

AO-The Space– If there is anyone out there who genuinely does not enjoy being pampered, they haven’t been going to the right places! Located right outside downtown Greenville is a day spa with vibrant workers and nothing but the best service. Even though the Space has only been around for a little over a year, it is continuing to grow rapidly into Greenville’s one stop shop, spa! They currently offer hair salon services, a variety of massages, facials, spray tans, and lash extensions. Within the next few months they will offer manicures and pedicures as well sell their own distilled essential oils, says owner Jessica Kelley. An all woman owned and operated spa, selling and serving only the best organic products really makes the Space stand out amongst all the other spas. While on my staycation I was able to get good and relaxed enjoying one of the spas newest services, a hydrodermabrasion facial!

Jack N’ Diane’s–         Greenville’s one and only dueling piano bar! If you have never been to a dueling piano bar you have seriously been missing out on a whole lot of fun! Not only is it great live music, but it is the perfect spot to go for a special occasion! They are constantly engaging with the crowd and providing the best combo of entertainment and comedy with their shows. During my staycation it was actually their four-year anniversary of being in Greenville, so there were lots prizes and laughs for everyone!

TD Saturday Market– If only the Saturday farmer’s market could be open year round…my life would be so much better. This amazing farmer’s market is located right on Main Street and operates from May-October. Here you can find everything from produce, fresh fish, beauty products, and even some breakfast from some great local venders. Of course I love to get produce there, but a few of my favorite things there include the pepperoni bread from Great Harvest, salted caramel iced latte from West End coffee, and the frittata of the day from Soby’s.

Spending my birthday weekend re-exploring this city that I love was exactly what I needed. The chance to relax, eat some good food, and have fun with my friends was the best present I could have received. So, the next time you’re looking to get away…look no further than where you already are! You never know what new experiences lay ahead!

Summer Road trip


Seven states, six days, two girls.

That was the premise of my best friend I’s little road trip to visit some of our friends this summer Basically we were going from Greenville, SC to Nashville, TN to Auburn, AL, to Fairhope, AL to New Orleans, LA…and back.

Planning this road trip out we realize we weren’t taking necessarily an easy path by going more northern then driving farther down south and back up. However, visiting friends for different reasons just so happened to all work out that week so rather than rescheduling separate road trips another time we just decided to combine them all in one!

So naturally, I grabbed my headscarf and was ready to channel my inner Romy and Michele/Crossroads persona. Packing clothes for this trip was a struggle to say the least. I clearly didn’t want to be lugging around a 40lb suitcase to every place we were staying…but a girl needs to have options. I tried to pack a good combination of basics and fun pieces that I could interchange with one another throughout the trip, but traveling with your best friend and her suitcase also came in handy throughout outfit changes too.

Suitcases packed to the brim, snacks and drinks to last us through a small snowstorm, and a tank full of gas started us on our journey. Rather than giving you a play by play of every little detail, I’m gonna give some highlights of each place we stayed, what we did there, and where we ate.

First stop…. Nashville.

         One of our good friends had just moved to Franklin, TN (right outside Nashville) the week of our road trip. Moving five hours away from home definitely calls for celebration in your new city! This wasn’t our first trip to Nashville or Franklin, so while there we did some of our favorite things as well as tried some new things! Here are some of our favorite stops while in Nashville…

Hattie B’s- Nashville hot chicken at its finest. This was actually my first experience eating true Nashville hot chicken and I LOVED it! I actually got the medium and it tasted like great fried chicken with a kick, so I think I definitely could have bumped it to the hot. (Better safe than sorry, right?) So basically what you do at Hattie B’s is wait in line to order and then you’ll order based off of what type of meat you want. I ordered the small white which includes a breast and wing and each meal comes with 2 sides, bread, and a pickle. I got the fries and cole slaw and both were amazing! The line can be overwhelming; so a little tip-you can call your order in and pick it up without having to wait in the line!



Pinewood Social- Whoever thought of building a place that has a bowling alley + swimming pool + coffee shop + bar + restaurant is simply a genius. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to partake in any of the fun activities while at Pinewood but I did eat probably one of the best salads I’ve ever eaten in my life while there. Hands down Pinewood Social has the coolest ambiance of almost any place I have been. It truly is a place to go and socialize with friends both old and new!




Acme- Classic Broadway bar with the absolute BEST view of Nashville. This multi-story bar has a little bit of something for everyone! Live music on one floor, swanky couches and dim lighting on another, and a gorgeous rooftop!


 Next stop…Auburn.

         Okay, so Auburn definitely isn’t unfamiliar territory for us. Those of you that know me know that my friend that I was traveling with, Taylor, lived in Auburn for two years, our other friend and her husband attended Auburn University, and my boyfriend is from Auburn. In terms of our road trip, Auburn was more or less a stop along the way so we wouldn’t be driving forever. It actually worked out perfectly in our plan because my boyfriend was home visiting friends and family while we were driving through so we got to stay with his family. Even though we just stopped by for the night, I still got to fit in a few of my favorite places while there. (Don’t judge the amount of restaurants that are on this list for a 24-hour stay…midnight snacks are a real thing.)

Arigato– My favorite place to grab sushi whenever I’m in Auburn! The thing that is so funny, but also awesome about Arigato’s is that it’s basically happy hour everyday because all of their sushi is always half priced!

Sky Bar– Anytime anyone asks me what to do in Auburn I ALWAYS tell them Sky Bar! Sky Bar is practically as much a landmark as the trees are. While it can get pretty packed out during game day weekends, it’s just like any other bar during the week. They always have their first floor open, which you can listen to live music, watch the game, or play trivia at. Then they have a back section where the big dance floor is, and then a rooftop overlooking downtown Auburn!

Momma Goldberg’s– Another Auburn classic. Sub-style sandwiches, soups, salads, and nachos. My go-to meal: Momma’s Love all the way + Momma’s Nachos with cool ranch Doritos.

 Crepe Myrtle-I only discovered Crepe Myrtle a few months ago but I’m obsessed with everything about it. The place is part produce stand-part bakery/deli. It has the cutest décor and such great, fresh food! I’ve gotten a few different crepes when I’ve gone and have loved everything I’ve ever got! Their fresh squeezed orange juice that they can in mason jars is a MUST…and if you get to eat outside you’ll get a friendly visit from some of the chickens!

 Next stop…Fairhope.

          Never heard of Fairhope, Alabama? That’s okay because I hadn’t either before our friend, Brittany, and her husband moved there a little over a year ago. Fairhope is located about thirty miles away from Mobile, Alabama and the Gulf Shores. That being said there are TONS of amazing things to eat, do, and explore in Fairhope and the surrounding area. During this particular trip we traveled to a place I had been dying to go to in a neighboring town and got to experience something new in Fairhope for breakfast!

Lambert’s Cafe– I’m pretty sure I died and was reborn on my first visit to Lambert’s, home of the throwed rolls. I’ve seen Lambert’s on a number of food network shows so when I figured out that there was one thirty miles away from where Brittany lived I absolutely had to go. Not gonna lie the wait was long…like two hours long…but it was totally worth it. The deal with Lambert’s goes way beyond them throwing rolls at you. Whatever entrée you order you get to pick 2 sides + there are 5 different “pass around” sides that they continually bring around and give you as much as you want. When I say that I ate chicken fried steak + mashed potatoes and gravy + creamed corn + turnip greens + steamed cabbage + fried okra + black eyed peas + roll (s) with molasses and honey…I AM NOT EXAGGERATING. It was magical and miserable all at once, and yes I waddled out holding an enormous to-go box.



Warehouse Bakery and Donuts- The cutest breakfast spot with literally something for everyone. Coffee, breakfast bowls, pastries, pies, biscuits…you want it, chances are they have it. Fun fact: Allison Williams ate there while filming Get Out.

 Last stop…New Orleans

         Ah the Big Easy….a place known for it’s intriguing culture, addictive food, and a good time. I’ve been to NOLA one other time, but this was my first time being able to actually spend the night there. If you’ve ever been to New Orleans you know as well as I do that you can visit this city ten times over and still not skim the surface of everything this city has to over. We tried our best this trip to try to explore more of the city and do a few new things…but some things in New Orleans you just have to do each time. (I’m talking to you, beignets.)


Harrah’s– Okay, so before this trip the only gambling I had done was buying a one dollar scratch off from the gas station. Going to a casino for the first time was very exciting, but after advice from friends I went in knowing I was not going to spend more than $20….and I lost all $20. All the same, it was SO fun and something a little bit different than the same old same old!

Hotel Monteleone (Carousel Piano Bar & Lounge)– Okay this place was seriously SO unique! The entire bar is a carousel that takes about 10 minutes to make one full rotation. Other than the carousel, the whole piano bar area is so swanky and Sauvé, and just classic NOLA.


W.I.N.O.– A quant self-serve wine bar. They have an enormous selection of automated machines that you use your “tasting card” to select the amount you want and pour. Try a little of this, and then a little of that! They also offer a light menu of tapas!

Café Du Monde- I’ve written about getting beignets from here before, but I will say it again; the ONLY place to get your beignet and café au lait fix.


Ritz Carlton- I’ve been to a Ritz Carlton to eat before, but never have I ever had the pleasure of staying in one myself before this trip. The Ritz Carlton in New Orleans exceeded my expectations by a million miles. The service was impeccable and the hotel is walking distance of everything in the French Quarter! Definitely recommend the splurge for your next trip!


Going on this road trip was both exhausting and exhilarating. Staying in different cities and a different bed for only a night or two can be super tiring on oneself, but traveling with one of my best friends to visit some of our other best friends really does bring people closer together. We belted some of our favorite musicals, listened to the entire S-Town podcast (if you haven’t, you HAVE to listen to it), and honestly just talked. I honestly feel like going on a road trip even if it’s a short one is something everyone needs to experience at least once.






Savvy Travel Tips





Being an elementary school teacher who is pretty early in their career, I’m far from rolling in the dough. Budgeting has become a big reality and makes you really evaluate what you’re investing your money in.  I think I have a pretty good balance of paying bills, gas, groceries, and having some fun money. That being said, traveling all the time can be pretty pricey, but I’ve rounded up some of my best travel tips to help you save some serious cash money.

Stay Where You Can

         I don’t necessarily mean stay in the half star Motel 7, but don’t think you have to be right there spending two hundred bucks a night somewhere either. One of the best parts of having friends spread out at different places around the country means having a place to stay when you want to visit! One of my best friends lives right on the Gulf Coast, less than two hours from New Orleans. No, I can’t walk to my hotel from Bourbon Street, but two hours is perfect for a trip! Call up old friends or relatives for a place to stay, I mean most people have a guest room for a reason. But, if you seriously don’t have anyone to stay with near a place you would like to visit I suggest trying Air BnB. I’ve used Air BnB a dozen times and only had one experience that was less than amazing. Overall I think Air BnB is so much cheaper if you want to be at a certain location when traveling.

Pack Smart

         I am a lady who loves to have choices when packing for a trip. I have always been an over packer and had a dress for that and the perfect shoes for that. However after college when I started traveling more and more with friends, I’ve discovered that I’m typically the one having to lug all the bags in and out and up a flight of stairs. With that being said, I’ve discovered the art of consolidating. Rather than packing 7 pairs of shoes I now pack 1 pair that is dressy and 1 pair that is more casual. I might only pack a single pair of jeans and a variety of tops that go with them. Now of course this differs depending on where I’m going and what I’ll be doing but I definitely don’t pack my whole closet anymore. Plus I try to only bring one bag; all my toiletries, clothes, makeup, and shoes usually fit in my large suitcase. This makes car rides and packing up so much easier by only having one bag to worry about.


          Pinterest isn’t just a place for cute clothes and recipes. It’s a great network to plan and share ideas for a trip too! Especially if you’re going on a trip to a place you haven’t been on, starting a Pinterest board can be so beneficial! You can look up local restaurants, the best places for happy hour, tours, free sites to see and things to do, cute picture ideas…the list is endless as to what all you can look up and pin for your trip. Whether you make your board public or private to just the people going on the trip, making a board really cuts down on the whole, “uh…so whadda ya wanna do?” You can already see what everyone else is interested in doing, plus it gets you more excited for the trip!

Something Special

         Ah…souvenirs. Of course you always have pictures and your memories from a trip but if you are anything like me you like something special to remember the trip. Now, rather than picking up something random and different each time I go somewhere, I’ve stuck to getting the same thing; a Christmas ornament! I feel like keeping this little tradition makes me save so much money because I know exactly what I’m looking for and don’t spend money on something random that sits on a shelf collecting dust. Whether it’s an ornament like me or a magnet or a coffee mug, I’ve found that sticking to my same souvenir makes it all the more special.


         It’s super easy to wanna ‘treat yo self’ everywhere you go when you travel. I mean even if it’s just for the weekend, to me travel=vacation and vacation=a time to relax and spoil yourself. However, as I stated earlier, living on that teacher budget doesn’t always grant me everything I want. With that in mind I definitely try to keep some balance of going out when traveling. A lot of time I’ll hit up Total Wine and Aldi for some drinks and snacks for a trip. Then whoever I’m traveling with, we have snacks for the trip and can eat breakfast in for at least a day or two and then order pizza or Chinese another night. Going out for lunch over dinner is also a really great savvy tip, same meal but usually saves you a few bucks! I know this sounds pretty calculated, but trust me it really will pay off to pick and choose your wants. Saving $100 on a few meals not only means you’re saving money in general but it also means that you could put that money towards your next trip!

Traveling is not a cheap pastime. Flights, hotels, food, souvenirs…it all costs money. However, if you take the time to look at some of these tips hopefully you can enjoy all the benefits of traveling without breaking the bank! Let me know how you like to save money when traveling, too!

Angel Oak Restaurant






Everyone is looking for a new, hot restaurant that has fresh ingredients and a great vibe. Angel Oak Restaurant is exactly that and then some. Located right along the Savannah Highway in John’s Island, South Carolina; Angel Oak is the perfect place to get your farm to table fix while on your next vacation.

So, when thinking about what exactly farm to table means I automatically think that the restaurant is buying local produce and meats and incorporating that into their dishes. If you’re really lucky you might even be able to snag a restaurant that has a small garden out back that sources some of their menu. Well, Angel Oak not only has their own garden but also their own farm animals, which are all represented in their menu! Cooking up only the best in-season meals, their menu can change throughout the year highlighting on the best their farm has to offer.

When I was originally taken to Angel Oak Restaurant I was told all about how they were farm to table and that they had, “ the best fried chicken.” Well…as a southern girl I know good fried chicken and I was excited to try it but I was amazed when I dove into that golden goodness. Buttermilk fried chicken fried to a perfect crisp and then drizzled with herb honey, and if that doesn’t get your mouth drooling the actual meat itself was the juiciest and freshest chicken I’ve ever tasted. Pair that with fresh brussel sprouts and macaroni and cheese and your taste buds will be thanking you over and over again the whole ride home.

Okay so besides the actual (phenomenal) meal, every little detail of the restaurant was everything you want. The most darling building adorned with string lights and local art make you feel immediately at home. Once you cozy up at a table or wooden bench you can go ahead and start thinking about cocktail time. Angel Oak does have a pretty full bar with local beers, wine, and liquor but the thing that is so endearing about the restaurant is that the bar is just a small stand in bar where your waiter goes and prepares your drink for you. So no, you can’t go up to a huge wrap-around bar and sit down and order a brew but I love the intimacy of their bar and actually the whole restaurant.

From presentation to taste buds to atmosphere, Angel Oak Restaurant satisfies on every level possible. Despite staying on Edisto Island for my vacation, making the hour-long drive to eat was beyond worth it. The restaurant might look off the beaten path and small in comparison to other ‘well known’ restaurants, but it by far was one of the best meals and experiences I’ve ever had.


Jacksonville: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly




One part about adulting that I’ve had to get use to is that not all of your friends are going to live within a mile of you for the rest of your life. Relationships, jobs, and schools look different for everyone and people move away. However, having friends live in different places can be exciting! For one, you always have a place to stay when you go visit them. Secondly, you can plan to make time for each other by going on getaways that are new and exciting for both of you!

Hence how our trip to Jacksonville, Florida got planned. With one friend on the Gulf Coast of Alabama, one in Atlanta, and two of us in Greenville we really wanted to go somewhere that would be equidistant for everyone. Once we went through the places we’ve already been and established that we wanted somewhere near the beach we took to Google Maps. Double-checking distances for everyone we discovered that Jacksonville was exactly five hours for everyone! Seems like the perfect plan, or so we thought…

Jacksonville was a very interesting place to say the least. We laughed, we cried, and we definitely left with some stories to tell.

So here it is, Jacksonville: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.

The Good

         Gotta look at everything with a little bit of positivity. So to start off, Jacksonville had some really good food! Seafood by the beach, a scrumptious brunch, and every appetizer your heart could ever desire at a sports bar. Pretty much everything we ate lived up to all of our expectations.

Another great thing about Jacksonville is that it’s only a forty-minute drive from St. Augustine. Not knowing what exactly to except from our trip, we decided to just spend one day in St. Augustine. Now despite the scorching heat, St. Augustine was definitely the highlight of the trip. Free winery tour and tasting, phenomenal drinks at gorgeous hotels, and probably one of the top 3 best meals I’ve ever eaten in my life.

Lastly, another pro of our trip to Jacksonville was the location of our Airbnb. Aside from a twenty-minute drive to the beach and the drive to St. Augustine-everything was within a 5-10 minute drive from where we stayed.



The Bad

         So we took our trip during Memorial Day weekend ready to brace ourselves for the holiday crowd. Nope, not in Jacksonville. I swear, everywhere we went was dead! One of our favorite restaurants that we went to was Kickbacks. The coolest décor, colorful waiter, and fantastic food…but completely dead! We were so confused but everyone kept saying that it was early and everyone would be out later…we were eating dinner at 7:30, how late do these people stay out?

Another bad part about our trip: the heat. Let it be known that unless you are going to Disney World or planning to spend all day on the beach-Florida in late May…no, just no.


The Ugly

         Ah…the ugly side of our trip to Jacksonville. Why don’t we start with our Airbnb. Yes, it was in a great location…and that’s about it. The running joke all weekend is that we were staying at Florida’s version of Grey Gardens. Complete with overgrown bushes, creepy artwork, and the cockroaches…LIVE cockroaches! Thankfully the owners did spray one day while we were gone and all we really did was sleep there, but even that was a stretch. Word to the wise: before booking your Airbnb double check that there is a picture of the outside of the house.

The I.D. situation was another ugly side of Jacksonville. Well, more annoying than anything, but all the same. After being in Jacksonville for a good five minutes we took to the beach! We had done our research and found that the Lemon Bar was the hot spot for lunch on the beach. Well…it was also the site where we got to argue with two “bouncers” and a manager over how my twenty-four year old friend’s I.D. was ‘100% a fake I.D.’ After a series of “Scan it!” and “Okay, get an officer to confirm it’s real,” the manager allowed her to come in. Now, I will say they had phenomenal coconut shrimp and an amazing Miami Vice, but come on…

And then there was the Trolley/Fountain of Youth tragedy of 2017. The trolley seemed like a great way to see and do everything we wanted to in St. Augustine but that was until we were stranded miles from our car in the Florida heat outside a chocolate shop waiting for our next trolley. There went trolley one, two, three, and even trolley number four. Nobody got off the first four trolleys that went by our stop. FINALLY we were all able to board a trolley and head towards the Fountain of Youth-the main attraction that we wanted to go to. But, oh wait; it was closed early for a wedding! Now, just because it was closed did not mean that we didn’t get to drink from the fountain…but that’s another story for another time.


Ah Jacksonville, such a unique place to visit. I can’t say that we’ll be back anytime soon but I wouldn’t have wanted to go on this trip with anyone else. That’s the thing about traveling though. You plan where to stay and where to eat but everything isn’t going to be as glamorous as you might have imagined. In fact, sometimes you get screamed at from random women on the street during a photo-shoot that you stole her husband’s clothing designs and that she’s going to come looking for you. But, if you have your friends with you, everything is a memory you can laugh at later…at home and away from the cockroaches.